China Fortune Financial Group

China Fortune Financial Group Limited is a financial service group listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code 290


Ø   Main Business Scope

      ²  Securities Brokerage and Margin Financing

      ²  Corporate Finance

      ²  Asset Management

      ²  Wealth Management

      ²  Money Lending

       ²  Migration Consulting


Ø   Other Businesses

      ²  Factoring

      ²  Micro Financing

      ²  Financial Leasing

      ²  Equity Investment

      ²  Mortgage Loan



Group Members   

Ø   in Hong Kong

      ²  Fortune (HK) Securities Limited

      ²  Fortune Asset Management Limited

      ²  Fortune Financial Capital Limited

      ²  Fortune Wealth Management Limited

      ²  Fortune Finance Limited


Ø   in Mainland China

      ²  Rongia (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund Management Company Limited*

      ²  Fortune (Shenzhen) Consulting Limited*

      ²  Representative Office in Shenzhen

      ²  Representative Office in Beijing


Ø   Associated Companies in Mainland China

      ²  Rongtong Finance Lease (Shanghai) Company Limited

      ²  Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Runtong Small Loan Business Limited*

      ²  Beijing Sapiential of Golden Resources Public Relations Consultant Company Limited*

      ²  Shenzhen Qianhai Fortune Equity Investment Management Company Limited*

      ²  Shenzhen Qianhai Fortune Financial Services Company Limited*


(* The English transliteration of the Chinese name in this brochure, where indicated, is included for information purpose only, and should not be regarded as the official English name of such Chinese name.)